Draping Style You Can Try For Any Indian Occasion

Saree is the favorite outfit for any married female in Indian culture and if you are a newlywed then it for the initial days you need to wear saree as there are so many parties to attend or so many rituals you need to be present that too in something ethnic. You can get numerous types of designer sarees and blouses online but draping them in similar style on daily basis gets a bit boring as well as repetitive and being the new bride you are observed the most regarding your appearance and styles. So why not learn few more styles of draping those gorgeous sarees to get a new look every evening for the event or celebrations. Here are few styles you can try without much problem.


  • Draping style: Bengali Saree

I won’t be able to teach you how to drape the saree here but I can definitely tell you the styles you can drape those sarees. Bengali style is one of the easiest ways to drape the saree. Don’t let the looks confuse you. This elegant style comes only with two wide plates and a double wrapped pallu.it can be tried with the sarees of cotton, handloom, or brocade texture.

  • Draping style: Lehenga Saree

Why buy a lehenga when you can give the similar look through draping your saree in the similar fashion. Make it look like a skirt from the front and give the plates on the back and few tucks here and there will make your saree look like a lehenga. Now you can give those designer sarees and blouses on the online platform, a complete makeover look.

  • Draping style: Maharashtrian Saree

This is a completely different style but offers an amazing look once you draped it completely. A little bit longer in size than the regular sarees, this one do not require a petticoat inside it. A bit difficult to drape but I can assure you that it will never get loose in front of anyone. That is the specialty.

  • Draping style: Mermaid Saree

Let’s do something fishy. How about draping a mermaid style in your saree style. Good for all but best for the curves. Due to the wearing style, you will look slimmer and more curvaceous. No plates the saree is tucked in front in the form of skirt the pallu is used in a way to give the real fishy look to your dress. It will look more gorgeous if the saree has a heavy pallu.



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