Do You Buy Sarees For Women?

Our very well-known Gauri Khan once said that “I think saree makes a woman look sexy yet graceful all at the same time”. In the same context, Hubert De Givenchy said that “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” And that’s what our Indian sarees do. Just buy Sarees for women and they will feel the queen of the world. But do we know actually where this term came from or what does it mean in our tradition? I hope no because we always see our elders wearing it and felt we also have to wear it out of respect.


Our most precious traditional outfit for female saree is basically a drape which comes with a length of five to nine yards and a breadth of about two to four feet. Saree is wrapped around the waist and one end draped on the shoulder. With the modernization in our lifestyles, styles of saree has also got a modern touch, still the most common is Nivi style which originally took birth in the land of Andhra Pradesh. You can buy these casual or designer sarees on online platform as well.

Let’s discuss the roots of this gorgeous and elegant outfit. As we already know that most of the words in Hindi literature has come from the Sanskrit language. There is no surprise to say that our beloved term saree also took birth from the same language. The word saree is termed as sati in Sanskrit which means a “strip of cloth”. The modern language changed the term. If we talk about the style of draping a saree then we can literally say that up till now there are approx. 80 recorded ways to drape a saree.

Most states of the country define their own style of wearing a saree and most of the other styles are invented by our modern fashion designers who want to bring a unique look to the outfit. Unlike olden days when the sarees or its accessories were made at home by the women of the house, you can buy designer sarees and blouses online. And no doubt these fashion designers have a big hand in this change.


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