Sarees Will Never Lose Their Charm

Sarees are the oldest form of women dresses around the world. However, this has become an undermined piece of dress these days because the country wherein it originated, even in that country, women are moving towards western dresses. But, still majority of Indian women prefer sarees to any western dress. Those who love western dresses also keep them in their wardrobe when they have to attend any wedding party or any religious event. So, there is no risk to its relevance in the market.


If we compare sarees of present era with the past one, we notice that a lot change has taken place in the nature of sarees. You can a great variety in sarees. You can every sort of sarees in today’s market and they are able to give more attractive look than any western dress. You must be watching television soaps. Just look at the women characters in sarees and in western dresses. Who appeal you more – the women draped in sarees or in western dresses. Undoubtedly, the women draped in sarees look thousand times more attractive than women in western dresses. We are not talking about those people whose concentration revolves around women’s assets rather than their overall personality and character.

If we talk about the saree market then this becomes more obvious to all of us that sarees have not lost their relevance in the market. There is no dearth in the demand of sarees despite women’s inclination towards western dresses. If our Indian women are getting attracted towards western dresses, western women are also getting attracted towards this Indian dress. Just go to any tourist place in India where westerners visit in large number, you can see many western women in sarees. They do not feel bad in them and love to be clicked in them. The option of designer sarees and blouses online has made this possible for Indian women living in western countries to purchase sarees for them. Many western women also place orders to wear sarees in parties of Indian people living in their countries.


Indian Sarees: An Unending Fashion

Do you know Indian sarees are the oldest line of fashion and still as popular as were in the past? Despite being inclined towards western dresses, Indian woman have not lost their attraction towards sarees. Whenever they have to attend any religious event or social event, they give preference to sarees on western dresses. Just go to any wedding or religious event and see how many women are present there in Jeans tops, trousers, or shorts, you will rarely find any woman in western dresses.

3263However, one thing that we cannot deny is that sarees have considerably changed with time. Earlier, where sarees were simple, the sarees of present era are available in multiple attractive designs. Their modern stylish look has attracted many westerners as well. Just go to tourist places where westerners can be seen in large number, you will see many western women flaunting in beautiful sarees.

In addition to variation in the styles and designs, one more change is predominant and that change is in the way sarees are draped. Where earlier sarees were draped in very simple manner, now, they are draped in different styles. Every different draping style gives your personality a completely different look.

I can say this confidently that Indian sarees are an unending fashion. They will never go out of fashion; this is sure. The best thing about sarees is they are available in all budgets. Whatever your budget is just search for designer sarees and blouses online on Google and the search engine will show you many websites in response. If you check those results, you will find sarees for all budgets.


First Love of Fashionistas – Collection of Exquisite Designer Sarees

If you are asked to explain the glory of Indian culture, then definitely there would be reference of famous attire “saree.” Indian sarees are exceptionally beautiful and descent forms of attire. It is the common attire cladded by Indian women. Designer fashionable sarees are worn on auspicious occasions such as wedding events. Indian sarees designed by highly talented, skilled designers is the first love of fashion conscious women. Saree covers the entire body in descent manner and is well suited for happy occasions. It is very common to see Indian women crazy for increasing their wardrobe collection of designer sarees.


Indian sarees are deemed as graceful, stylish and elegant attires. The color of fabric, quality of material, gorgeous designs and any additional work done on saree makes it the best outfit for traditional Indian woman. With the passage of time, changes and modifications can be seen in this traditional Indian attire. So, now you are planning to enhance the collection of your designer sarees and matching blouses? The option to buy cheap Indian sarees online is affordable and gives access to numerous options. Designer Saree is the paramount blending of sophistication and elegance. Hence, saree is appropriately said as the first love of fashion conscious ladies.

The draping style, color of fabric, material used in making this stunning outfit are always very special. Undeniably, saree is the most favorite outfit for Indian ladies belonging to all age groups. The personality of a lady immediately transforms after cladding this unique outfit. Explore the designer sarees and blouses online collection if you are really interested in procuring this divine attire. Saree is the ultimate clothing that allows woman to appear gorgeous while retaining the element of simplicity. Saree covers all feminine aspects in graceful manner. It allows divas to flash their beauty in supple, balanced manner.


Draping Style You Can Try For Any Indian Occasion

Saree is the favorite outfit for any married female in Indian culture and if you are a newlywed then it for the initial days you need to wear saree as there are so many parties to attend or so many rituals you need to be present that too in something ethnic. You can get numerous types of designer sarees and blouses online but draping them in similar style on daily basis gets a bit boring as well as repetitive and being the new bride you are observed the most regarding your appearance and styles. So why not learn few more styles of draping those gorgeous sarees to get a new look every evening for the event or celebrations. Here are few styles you can try without much problem.


  • Draping style: Bengali Saree

I won’t be able to teach you how to drape the saree here but I can definitely tell you the styles you can drape those sarees. Bengali style is one of the easiest ways to drape the saree. Don’t let the looks confuse you. This elegant style comes only with two wide plates and a double wrapped pallu.it can be tried with the sarees of cotton, handloom, or brocade texture.

  • Draping style: Lehenga Saree

Why buy a lehenga when you can give the similar look through draping your saree in the similar fashion. Make it look like a skirt from the front and give the plates on the back and few tucks here and there will make your saree look like a lehenga. Now you can give those designer sarees and blouses on the online platform, a complete makeover look.

  • Draping style: Maharashtrian Saree

This is a completely different style but offers an amazing look once you draped it completely. A little bit longer in size than the regular sarees, this one do not require a petticoat inside it. A bit difficult to drape but I can assure you that it will never get loose in front of anyone. That is the specialty.

  • Draping style: Mermaid Saree

Let’s do something fishy. How about draping a mermaid style in your saree style. Good for all but best for the curves. Due to the wearing style, you will look slimmer and more curvaceous. No plates the saree is tucked in front in the form of skirt the pallu is used in a way to give the real fishy look to your dress. It will look more gorgeous if the saree has a heavy pallu.




How to look quirky in Pink Paparazzi blouses?


2323.jpgHere at Pink Paparazzi, we act as the iconoclast and try to break the conventional ideas of wearing specific colors with certain specific colors only. We try to bring out that styling can be done in various ways and the outcome can be great! For example, we have combined a red blouse with a grey jamavar. Red is normally worn with black, white, blue and certain other specific colors. But never grey. However, it turns out that red combined with grey looks really sassy! Once you try out a blouse of ours, you will want to experiment with them. And, we would love to see you experimenting and bringing out the fashionista within you. So go ahead and try and spoil yourself ny designer saree blouses online shopping with our Label.

Indian sarees and blouses online shop-Pink Paparazzi styles you in a way that will make you stand out. That’s our aim, to make every woman look gorgeous via simplicity. For Pink Paparazzi (the Indian sarees and blouses online shop) styling tips, follow us regularly on this Blog!!




Saree – The Most Elegant Attire for Women

Saree is the best Indian ethnic garment of females. It is a long unstitched cloth. The length of saree varies from four to nine meters. In fact, it is the best ethnic attire that gives sensuous look to the female by covering all the feminine aspects gracefully. It is true that the style and material of saree differ from one place to another. In fact, the detailing on the saree also differs accordingly.


The easiest way to drape the saree is to wrap the saree around the waist by making some pleats at the front and take the open end of the saree over the shoulder. Normally, the saree doesn’t cover the abdomen part of the body to give a sensuality touch to the women attire. Saree is tucked with pleats on the petticoat which is tied at the waist. The saree is usually worn over the petticoat. Usually, the color of petticoat and blouse is matched with the color of the saree. The color of these two important pieces decides the beauty of the saree. The blouse is yet another important part of saree. The blouse is designed according to body measurement of the wearer. It is also called as Choli in some regions of the country.

Saree is considered as the most elegant Indian attire of women as it covers the body part gracefully. Women love to wear this traditional attire to follow the tradition as they believe wearing saree is a part of Indian tradition. In fact, women around the world love to wear this ethnic dress at their special occasion like wedding, puja and so on. Women simply look fabulous in this ethnic attire when they wear it beautifully. Although managing the saree is not an easy task, still women around the world love flaunt their beauty by wearing this special Indian attire. The saree is when teamed with beautiful fashion accessories gives diva like look to the gorgeous beauties.

If you are interested in trying this ethnic garment of Indian beauties, you can buy from online and offline sources. But, if you choose to buy cheap Indian sarees online, you can select the one from a plethora of saree at the best price.


Things to Consider While Choosing a Perfect Designer Saree

One of the most beautiful, elegant Indian ethnic attire is Saree. Most of the women, especially in India prefer to wear saree on different occasions like wedding, engagements etc. For these important events, they prefer designer sarees. Designer ones are just like the cherry on the cake.


Because of the huge popularity of this attire, the market is flooded with several business owners that are selling a wide range of different types of sarees. Also, there are companies that are selling them online. Just by sitting at your home, you can purchase saree online.

So, if you have to attend a function or a party and are in dilemma of choosing a perfect designer saree, you don’t have to worry about it. Here, we have discussed few things to consider while choosing a right one for you.

The first thing you should consider is the occasion you are buying it for. If you have to wear it in major events like marriage, ring ceremony etc, then you should purchase heavy embroidery saree whereas if you want to wear it in small events like birthday party, then lighter work saree will be the good option.

Next, you should consider the quality of the fabric. It should be of very good quality. You should choose the fabric according to the weather. Choose silk, velvet in winters whereas chiffon, georgette in summers.

Also, you should consider the color. Normally people prefer bright colored sarees. But you should choose the color that suits your skin tone. Also, consider the design. Choose the one that is currently in trend.

Last but not the least, also consider the price. Though you should always do shopping as per your budget but if you like any outfit very much, then don’t leave it for some extra money. The compliments you will get for your outfit will be worth the money you will spend.

So, these are few things you should consider while purchasing a right one.  Because of the huge collection available, you can easily choose a perfect one and make an everlasting impression on people you meet. Good Luck.


Do You Buy Sarees For Women?

Our very well-known Gauri Khan once said that “I think saree makes a woman look sexy yet graceful all at the same time”. In the same context, Hubert De Givenchy said that “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” And that’s what our Indian sarees do. Just buy Sarees for women and they will feel the queen of the world. But do we know actually where this term came from or what does it mean in our tradition? I hope no because we always see our elders wearing it and felt we also have to wear it out of respect.


Our most precious traditional outfit for female saree is basically a drape which comes with a length of five to nine yards and a breadth of about two to four feet. Saree is wrapped around the waist and one end draped on the shoulder. With the modernization in our lifestyles, styles of saree has also got a modern touch, still the most common is Nivi style which originally took birth in the land of Andhra Pradesh. You can buy these casual or designer sarees on online platform as well.

Let’s discuss the roots of this gorgeous and elegant outfit. As we already know that most of the words in Hindi literature has come from the Sanskrit language. There is no surprise to say that our beloved term saree also took birth from the same language. The word saree is termed as sati in Sanskrit which means a “strip of cloth”. The modern language changed the term. If we talk about the style of draping a saree then we can literally say that up till now there are approx. 80 recorded ways to drape a saree.

Most states of the country define their own style of wearing a saree and most of the other styles are invented by our modern fashion designers who want to bring a unique look to the outfit. Unlike olden days when the sarees or its accessories were made at home by the women of the house, you can buy designer sarees and blouses online. And no doubt these fashion designers have a big hand in this change.


Choose Tempting Saree Designs of Voluptuous Motifs

Saree is a great Indian outfit that reflects touch of femininity and sense of elegance. Despite the fact that multifarious options are present, Indian women mostly prefer to clad designer saree to appear gorgeous and sober. Designer sarees are carefully crafted and intricately designed. The tradition of wearing designer saree is not new in India; designer saree is worn mostly on eve of auspicious occasions to exhibit exquisiteness and glamour.  The wardrobe of Indian woman normally has a collection of glamorous designer sarees and blouses.


Saree is deemed as comfortable, sober yet attractive attire. This outfit is the first choice of glamorous modern lady and of conservative, naïve Indian housewife. The present era that belongs to online shopping has brought new options before customers. You can buy cheap Indian sarees online along with good quality blouses. Reputed online suppliers take care about the aspect of quality. The quality of fabric, tempting designs, fascinating color combination has its own lasting impact.

The designer saree along with brocade blouse is a magical combination. Wedding saree is perceived to be an attire of dignity. It is a common dream of Indian women to decorate and stuff their wardrobe with exquisite collection of gorgeous sarees. You have the option to buy designer sarees online. You can appear seductress, a tempting diva even after covering entire body. A beautifully designed saree delivers royal appeal to Indian ladies. Thus Indian damsels and married ladies prefer to don designer sarees on auspicious occasion. Comfortable, exquisite saree is the ultimate masterpiece that can eventually transform your persona.